Percy Ingle a Family History


We are a Family Business and still make almost all of our products using traditional recipes and baking methods. We use only the finest market fresh ingredients delivered by local suppliers daily.

Percy Ingle has a proud history and has become a household name in the region, from humble beginnings to becoming an established thriving family business, providing local jobs for local people.


A tradition of baking

Like his father and grandfather Percy started his working life in the family bakers in Hackney, East London along with his three brothers. The family worked endlessly to provide quality bread and cakes to the people of the East end. Having married his wife Lillian and already proud father of son Derek in 1954 Percy decided the time was right to open his own business, starting with his first shop in Clarence Road, Hackney.

Percy built the company to over 40 shops by the early 1990’s and in 2000 handed control to his son Derek, who after moving the company up to 50 shops handed the running of the company to his sons Paul and Michael in 2010.


Josef Engel
Humble beginnings


A young Derek Ingle

Percy’s Grandfather


Percy Ingle
07.01.1920 – 03.12.2011


Percy’s First Shop 1954

Percy’s Recipe Book


We are a fifth generation traditional family baker founded by our Grandfather Percy Ingle, in Hackney.

Our aim is to produce quality bread and cakes using traditional craft skills and carefully selected ingredients.

This photograph is of our grandfather’s original recipe books, many of these recipes are still in use today.



Paul, Derek and Michael Ingle